Keeping it rustic

Keeping it rustic

I love the idea of using wood and keeping it as natural as possible, not playing around with it too much.  While out for a walk with my other half we came across some gorgeous Chestnut Logs, they were the perfect diameter for making natural coasters…

Chestnut Logs
Chestnut Logs ready to be sawn.

My Dad was kind enough to cut them up for me as we were using a band saw and I didn’t want to lose a finger!!

Dad Cutting Coasters
Letting the expert do his bit.

It was amazing how many discs we could get from one log.  They smelt so sweet!!

There were a few discs that didn’t cut straight but I had a plan for these….

Discs cut.
Cut discs.

Once all the discs were cut, I cleaned them up with an old toothbrush to remove any dust and dirt before giving them a light sanding to prepare the discs for oiling.

Cleaning the discs.
Cleaning the discs.

I decided to oil the discs to keep them looking as natural as possible and to give them a durable finish for use.

Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil
Applying Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil.

I used my go-to product Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil as this would give the coasters a matt, natural and protective finish.

Oiled Comparison
Comparison of oiled and bare wood.
Bark oil comparison.
Bark oil comparison.

The oil really warmed the coasters up and brought out the natural colours of the Chestnut.

I couldn’t be happier with the finished coasters.

Coaster finished and in use.
Coaster finished and in use.

Going back to my earlier mention of some of the wood not cutting perfectly straight… I had an idea of what to do to get use out of these too (I didn’t want to waste anything).  The only issue with the slanted discs was that my cup of tea would slide off, so I bored a hole into them and and created candle holders for tealights…

Holes made for tealight.
Holes made for tealight to be placed.

As well as the coasters that didn’t saw straight I also had the end of the logs to use too.

Finished Candle Holders
Finished Candle Holders

Here are the finished candle holders, I love them as they are completely unique because no two pieces of wood are the same!!!

Candles in use.
Candles in use.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, the wooden coasters and the candles will be available in the Etsy shop soon.

Thanks for reading.

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