Project Eight – Bunk-bed Renovation

Project Eight – Bunk-bed Renovation

Last summer we managed to acquire a wooden bunk-bed for free, it needed some TLC and a good few licks of paint and in this post I’m going to show you how it was done.

I decided the quickest and easiest way to renovate the bed would be to paint it and decided on a grey colour.  The bed had been half painted, literally just had paint  on the sides that were on show apart from one panel at the front and the end on show had been painted with a couple of different colours so I had painted and varnished wood to contend with.

As you can see there are drawers at the bottom of the bed, they are on casters but not attached to the frame at all so we decided to not keep them as they would require more work to fix up.

Bunk bed before


Bunk bed before

I was gifted some V33 Easy Furniture Paint in Zinc, I have used this paint before in the Nursery (blog post can be found here) and really like the durability and the fact that it really is easy to use.

I laid all the panels out on trestles in the garden and washed them with sugar soap before rinsing with clean water to get rid of any dirt or grime, then left to dry.

Bunk bed

bunk bed
Equipment ready
Sanding Bunkbed
Sanding the surface

Once dry I lightly keyed the surfaces with a sanding block to allow the paint to adhere to it and then removed any dust with a tack cloth. 

Painting bunkbed
Starting to paint

Normally with this paint it is recommended to use a short pile lacquer roller, but as the main parts of the bunk-bed are quite slim and have ridges using a paint brush worked really well and gave a smooth finish.

first coat
First coat applied

Just one coat of the paint covered really well.  I was slightly concerned that due to some of the parts being painted previously and others being varnished that you would be able to see this through the new paint but you couldn’t tell at all.

The worst to cover up

Once the first coat was applied on one side of each part it was left to dry for four hours.  This was the perfect excuse for me to enjoy the good weather and sit in the garden!  I then gave all the surfaces a second coat and left them over night to dry fully before starting the other side the next day. Luckily I was able to carefully stand all the parts on their end in our shed overnight. 

I repeated the same process again on the other side and then stood all the parts on our patio to dry.

Ready for assembly

Once everything had fully dried we assembled the bunk bed in the boys bedroom.  This took longer than applying a coat of paint as the space we were building it was the same size bed. Plus J and I kept getting in each others way.  

Built and ready for slats
completed bunkbed

Eventually after endless jibes at each other we got it built and put the mattresses on, now all that’s left is for the boys to make their beds…. 


I’m so happy with the finished result.  It adds a clean, fresh look to the bedroom and the bed itself looks brand new.  The boys love it.


As always, thank you for reading.


Mel xx


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