Project Five – Kitchen Wall Tile Makeover

Project Five – Kitchen Wall Tile Makeover

Since we moved into our home we have been working our way around each room decorating, luckily most rooms just needed a lick of paint on the walls, however our kitchen needed more than this.

We couldn’t afford to put in new units or completely redecorate so we decided to start with the horrible dated tiles on the walls. They weren’t even one colour, each tile was cream at the top and then in an ‘ombre’ effect went down to almost an orange colour.


We wanted to paint the tiles grey and decided to use V33 Renovation Wall Tiles in Pebble to improve the look of the kitchen. We cleared the kitchen sides ready for painting, but me being me I had to leave a tea making area!

Must still be able to make tea

Firstly to prepare the tiles we washed them with Sugar Soap, this was then rinsed off as it leaves a residue behind on the surface if not and the paint won’t fully adhere to the surface.

Once we had washed the tiles and they had dried we put masking tape to protect the worktop and sealant around the edges and slightly unscrewed the socket plates from the walls.

The paint is waterproof but to achieve this an additive needs to be mixed into the paint. The paint looked so dark when I opened the tub but after mixing, it thickened up and the colour got lighter; phew.

V33 Renovation Wall Tiles – Pebble
Additive packet

You need to use a fluffy varnish roller for this paint, a foam one won’t apply it evenly, we used one from B&Q. Now everything was prepared and the paint mixed it was time to start applying it.

First coat going on

When applying the paint, as it isn’t an even surface it’s better to go over the grout, or dipped areas with a brush to make sure they are covered and then going over the full surface with the roller; this will ensure an even coverage.

So far, so good

We found the first coat of the paint was covering really well and were so pleased with the initial result. Once the first coat was applied it was a case of leaving it for 24 hours and then apply the second coat, it is touch dry after four hours however if you were to try and apply a second one it is likely to lift the first coat, believe me I was so tempted but I wanted it to look good and not run the risk of messing it up.

Ready for the second coat

The next morning, we got straight on and applied the second coat, it went on really well and the tiles looked new and fresh. Once this coat was applied we left it for 12 hours and then checked to see if the masking tape could be removed in an inconspicuous area and it came off easily. We then carefully screwed the socket plates back and put the appliances back on the worktop. This is the part where I had to remember that it’s not completely dry for 72 hours and will be completely cured (scratch resistant etc. ) in 21 days.

The transformation on a budget was so good. We are so pleased with the results and will be doing the cupboards next but for now our kitchen looks refreshed.

Looking refreshed

Below I have put the before and after next to each other so you can really see the difference and it only too a couple of days to do. Yay!



Thank you for reading.

Mel x

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