Project Three – Front Garden

Project Three – Front Garden


I’ve been quiet for a while but we have been busy sorting the house, decorating and going through boxes… Soon i’ll be blogging about different rooms we are tackling… but first…  

Over the Easter weekend with the weather being so nice, we decided to give our front garden a make over that it desperately needed.

Desperately needing attention.
Desperately needing attention.

The trellis was brittle, the grass was patchy in many areas and just didn’t look appealing. I have always wanted a garden full of beautiful home grown flowers, but to get started and to pretty it up a bit we took a trip to Dobbies to get some bedding plants for now until my seeds grow (i’ll come back to these later), so we grabbed our shovels and set to work.

Digging 1
Borders being dug.

We took the trellis down and carefully removed the miniature Daffodils so that they could be replanted.  After considering different things we could do, we decided to add borders to the edges of the lawn.

Digging 2

We dug the borders just over a foot in width with about a 3-4 inch depth to the front and back of the lawn. While I was busy digging J set to work on building a new trellis for the wall.

New trellis being painted.
New trellis being painted.
Sage Ronseal Paint.
Sage Ronseal Garden Paint.

I chose Ronseal Garden Paint in a 250ml tester size because I liked the colour, but also I only needed a small amount and I couldn’t find any other garden range testers in my local B & Q. The tin was only £3.92 and covered the fresh wood really nicely.

We fixed the new trellis to the wall and planted a beautiful red Camellia from Dobbies (£19.99) to go against it, they are evergreen so once it has finished flowering it will still be a focal point. I was going to go for a climbing rose but after seeing a wall of Camellias at Hever Castle last year my mind was swayed, definitely worth looking out for if you visit their gardens by the lake house.

Camelia against trellis.
Camellia against trellis.

For bedding plants I bought some Pansies  (£5.99) and Ranunculus (£6.99) which are another favourite of mine.   I alternated planting these with the miniature Daffodils that were already in the front garden.

A nice mixture of coloured Pansies.
A nice mixture of coloured Pansies.
Gorgeous coloured Ranunculus.
Gorgeous coloured Ranunculus.

Going back to my earlier mentioned seeds, I have a mixture of cottage garden flowers in my grow house from Dobbies such as Sweet Peas, Lupins, Zinnia and Fuschia seedlings.  These will be planted out towards the Summer so that the beds will flower and keep the garden alive with colour for the majority of the year.

Grow House
Grow House.

For the finishing touches we added some fresh compost to the new borders, gave the plants a good drink and mowed the lawn.

We are so happy with the final result.

The finished result.
The finished garden.


It’s safe to say I love arriving home to our newly refreshed garden and can’t wait to add more beautiful flowers over the next few months!  I will add more photos to show the growing garden in full bloom during the Summer.

Thank you for reading.

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