Decorating a nursery ready for a new baby is a wonderful part of a pregnancy journey and I couldn’t wait to get started on ours.


To say the room that was to become Thomas’s nursery was a blank canvas wouldn’t be correct, the walls were purple, the gloss work was pink and we had been using the room as a storage room so it was full of items that needed moving.

After we had de-cluttered slightly
Cleared, ready for filling and painting

Once the room was empty we needed to sort the paint work and decide what colour scheme we were going for, I liked the idea of having three walls in a cream colour and the wall with the window painted in a nice pastel, we just needed to decide what to go for.  After what felt like staring at a never ending rainbow of colours we decided on Valspar Fluffy Robe for a creamy white and to paint the window wall in a green we went for Valspar Lime Fizz for the pastel.

So we had decided on paint now we needed to start getting furniture for the room, this renovation was on a tight budget so we weren’t buying new, I took to Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Selling Pages and managed to find a rocking chair, changing table and wardrobe that I could do up and a Mothercare cot-bed that looked brand new; all the items totalled £145.00. Bargain!

 Getting back to painting we needed to paint the walls white after filling to cover the purple and to avoid several coats of the final colours.  We had some white emulsion left from painting the ceiling in another room and used this as the base coat.

Painting begins
We secretly wrote his name in the first coat

Once the base coat was done, my husband then painted the gloss work white, this took a couple of coats to cover the pink.  Once this was done we painted the the walls their final colours. Looks so pretty.

Painting finished

After we had finished painting it was time to treat the shelves ready to go up for Thomas’s books (some of which were mine when I was little), I wanted to stain them as they were currently light pine and they needed darkening to match the changing table top which was older looking pine. I decided to use Liberon Palette Wood Dye in Antique Pine and then Seal with their Quick Drying Tung Oil (an old favourite).

Ready to stain

As well as staining the shelves I needed to freshen up the furniture I had purchased, for the rocking chair which was already painted white I cleaned the surface with Sugar Soap, rinsed and then painted with V33 Easy Furniture Paint in Linen (I chose this paint for all the furniture in the room).

The Changing Table and Wardrobe needed much more attention, below are before and afters for these, I will do a separate post with a how to for them.  I’m so pleased with the transformations.

Changing table before and after
Wardrobe before and after

I forgot to mention earlier, I also up-cycled a light fitting for the room; it was one my husband had found and was originally bright colours which would not go but after a clean up and paint; again using V33 Easy Furniture paint in Linen, Ice Blue and Almond Green, it matched perfectly with the decor.

Light fitting before and after

So all the key pieces were ready and all that was left to do was to put them in their new home and await our little ones arrival.  It’s safe to say this is my favourite room in the house, when I was pregnant I would come in here and read to my bump.


Here are some images of the nursery in it’s glory 🙂

So in love with this room
Wardrobe view
Reading area
Finishing touches
Fingerprint balloon gift from my baby shower

Oh it’s so beautiful. I just love it.


Thank you for reading.


Mel xx

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