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New product launch


Claim Two Thousand and Twenty With Our New Diary

The wait is finally over and we can launch our new diary for 2020.

The diary comes in a choice of two covers, either blue with rose gold lettering or burgundy with gold lettering.  Both covers are traditionally hot foil embossed and add a touch of luxury.

As with our Letters To You notebook, we will be donating 10% of the profit made on each diary to a charity and for this we have chosen Mind.

Each page of the week to view diary has been thoughtfully created to not only capture all of your day to day appointments or events but also gives you space to practice gratitude for the day and note down what you are looking forward to for the next.  These can be small wins or fancy occasions.

There is also a section towards the back of the diary to write in detail about the moments that have really meant something throughout the year to you ad well as a few note and doodle pages to fill to your hearts desire.

To find and more and see the diary in more detail, click the link below.

Letters to you

Letters to you introduction


Hi everyone,

This site was originally built for me to blog about DIY projects that I had undertaken and then it became an outlet for me to talk about my mental health struggles in my Mini Series.  Doing this and hearing from so many people that they have struggles ignited something in me to try and help others.  I thought long and hard about how I could do this and in turn it has helped me find my love of stationery again, you just have to ask my Mum what I was like growing up when it came to notebooks, binders and pens, it drove her crazy and now my husband has the joy of this too.

I am now able to tell you about what I have been busy creating over the past few months, it’s something I’m so proud of and I feel really passionately that it will help people who are struggling with their mental health.

Letters to you is a luxury notebook that has been created to be a safe space to write in, whether its letters to yourself to help rationalise what you are feeling or maybe to a loved one who is missing from your life to help you feel close to them.  It is designed for anyone, for adults and children alike, if you feel your child is going through a hard time; this can be used by them to outlet their feelings if they are struggling to do so.  At the front of the notebook there is a letter from me and at the back of the book are helplines for charities that can offer further support and advice.

I have spoken before about my struggles with Anorexia, the charity Beat Eating Disorders does amazing work to help people and I will be giving 10% of the profit made from each book to Beat; to give back to a charity that helped me.

Letters to you is just the beginning for Just Add Inspiration in the stationery sector to help with mental health, I have so many more ideas for the future and each range will give back to different charities to help their work to support and stop the stigma around mental health.

As always thank you for reading.

Mel xx

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